A Serpent’s Tooth, Review

A Serpent’s Tooth By Craig Johnson Review

A little bit of good fortune allowed me to nearly simultaneously finish reading A Serpent’s Tooth and see the season finale of Longmire on A&E. It occurs to me that one of the many reasons I love this character is that he’s a Sheriff in Absaroka County, Wyoming. That is to say, a place in which I can believe that the exact right person for the job is actually in the job.

Walt Longmire is intelligent, humble, determined, and born and bred Wyoming. He is intelligent but has no ego wrapped up in that knowledge, unlike for example, Sherlock. In many other ways though, both characters are cut from the same cloth.

Craig Johnson is also one of the most enjoyable writers to read. Walt Longmire is written with both depth and humor. Bear’s wry cultural observations make for a perfect foil for Walt’s hard-headed and at times myopic determination, while Vic’s set in stone extroverted self-confidence also makes for a wonderful contrast to Walt’s quiet self-confidence.

If you’ve seen the Longmire television show, don’t miss the written series. Shop your locally-owned bookseller and ask for the first in series, Cold Dish. If you need a great new author or series, this is a wonderful place to start.


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