Yarn to Go, Review

From time to time I need a new mystery series. It may be I’m waiting for my favorite authors to publish, or I just need something new. For those of us who love knitting or crocheting, Betty Hechtman is the well-known and well-established author of the Crochet Mysteries. In her new mystery series, Yarn Retreat, author Hechtman builds on her experience and creates memorable characters and a plot that will keep you guessing. In what I hope will the first of many installments, Casey Feldstein has lost her favorite Aunt Joan in a suspicious accident and takes her place as organizer and manager of the Petit Retreat, a yarn retreat weekend for all levels of knitters. One murder turns into two, and Casey is forced to decide what she will do to save her Aunt’s Retreat. If you knit or crochet, you will relate to one or more of the characters on retreat and if you read mysteries, you will appreciate the red-herrings, twists and turns. If you like Maggie Sefton, Molly MacRae, or Anne Canadeo, you’ll enjoy this new knitting mystery series. Need something new? Don’t miss Yarn to Go.


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